General responsibilities for any internships can be answered and applied for thru our Indeed page.  Generally, you will work one-on-one as a team member with students to help them learn and practice specific skills they excel at.  You will also :

Develop fundraising skills

·Develop Event Management skills

·Meet new people

·Be active and engaged

·Add value to your local community, as a role model and a Humanitarian

·Learn new transferable skills & improve your CV Skills required in today's world.

Please visit this link to learn more and apply.

As a Collegiate member of our community, you can apply thru your college, directly on Handshake for any positions we have open.

Computer Club Student Volunteer general responsibilities include working one-on-one as a Student Community Service Volunteer with students to help them learn and practice specific skills such as Microsoft Office, online KHAN Academy, ABC Mouse, and communication skill building. Provide support to the instructor and answer students questions. Work one-on-one as a Student Community Service Volunteer with students to help them learn and practice specific skills such as Microsoft Office, online KHAN Academy, ABC Mouse, and communication skill building. Provide support to the instructor and answer students questions.  The, online KHAN Academy, ABC Mouse, and communication skill building. Provide support to the instructor and answer students questions.  

The WHOlistic Book Club Student Volunteer is all about assisting children that love to read (including some who cannot read), love books for the same reasons most people do...ADVENTURE!  Being transported to different worlds, cultures, etc., where they meet interesting characters and learn about exciting new things.  Taking that journey with a group of "Like Minded" friends makes it even more delightful and fun.  The WHOlistic Book Club Volunteer, will  provide support to the instructor and answer students questions.  

Location:  Oldham or Portland Library-  Children Activity Section

Date: Third Saturdays

Times: 1-2pm

Visual Holistic Summer Art Camp Instructors work to implement...
Our program provides a safe and educational environment for children and youth ages 6-14yrs (depending on camp location), holistic, stimulating, self expressive, and artistic enriching activities​.  A variety of educational and physical fitness activities are offered throughout the program.  Volunteers can assist with helping to supervise students, and facilitate activities. 

Sample Summer ART Camp Program Hours (June & July): 

Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 1:00pm – 4:00pm pm or 12:30pm-2:30pm during JCPS Summer break

Monday-Friday 3:00pm – 5:00pm or 1:00pm-3:00pm during MNPS Summer break

(College Outreach Program Credit) Volunteers are needed to help in the afternoons with a specific age group, to provide extra support and get to know the children. 

Remember that we follow the JCPS and MNPS schedule for any closings because of inclement weather or scheduled breaks.  For more information about these programs, you can contact us at 502-753-7525 or 833-8AUTISM

AUTISM TEACHER-(volunteer) part-time

(June & July), Autism teacher is a person who teaches the children suffering from  Autism related issues.  Which is also commonly known as the Autism Spectrum Disorder. It  is a complex developmental disability within a child. In this case,  the child suffers from normal communication, cognitive ability, social  behavior, motor skills, and sensory integration. Autism can hamper the  overall progress of the child in various ways and an autistic child will  always require help in performing various tasks. Autism teacher  responsibilities include taking care of these children and helping them  to live a normal life.   A teacher practicing Autism focuses on the academic skills,  social skills, and the self-help skills of an Autism suffering child.  Following is a detailed information of the above mentioned skills that  will help you understand the autism teacher responsibilities:  Academic Skills: A child suffering from autism may often find  it difficult to learn things like a normal child. Thus, the autism  teachers help these kids to gain knowledge in a different manner.  

Social Skills: The kids suffering from autism are  not social and find it difficult to adjust themselves with people they  do not know. They also often get arrogant and can injure themselves. The Autism teachers play an important role in teaching these kids social  skills.  

Self-help Skills: A child suffering from autism  faces severe problems like difficulty in eating food, not recognizing  dangers, unable to clothe themselves, etc. They are then taught by the  Autism teachers about the self-help skills that help them in living  their life independently. Job Responsibilities for an Autism teacher is mainly responsible for teaching the Autism  suffering students with academic, social, and self-help skills that  would help them in living a normal life. Following are some of the major  job responsibilities of an autism teacher:  Instructional planning on assigned students and providing on each student Competency in subject matter by teaching content and skills to assigned students utilizing our program Participating in various IEP conferences that include  behavioral management plans, functional behavioral analysis, and  annual reviews Developing strategies and maintaining a classroom environment conductive Plan effective teaching methods and deploy a variety of instructional techniques that are in an interest of the students Undertake various diagnostic testing that identifies student capabilities and recognize student progress on timely basis Maintaining complete and accurate records of the students decided by the law and policies Keeping timely communication with parents to make them aware about the student's progress and necessary precautions Plan different student educational programs that will help them in progressing and learning new things Initiating IEP in the student's program and consulting the student with the respective teacher Take necessary precautions to protect the students an equipment, materials, and facilities Establishing and maintaining a positive line of communication with the parents concerning behavior, language, and academics Maintaining cooperative relations with other aides,  teachers, volunteer staff and work together for upbringing of the students Assisting the management for upholding and enforcing the rules  and regulations of the program as assigned by the administration Show commitment and professionalism through attendance, punctuality, and standards with professional responsibilities Key Skills Patience is one of the biggest key skills required in an Autism teacher. 

The following are some of the common and most essential skills  required in an Autism teacher:  Caring nature while teaching the students with Autism Good observing skills and learning the behavioral patterns of children with Autism Good communication skills that help in interacting with the parents Addressing the needs and requirements of children with Autism with skillful attention Expert in developing various plans emphasizing autism students Maintaining comfortable classroom environment Efficient in using visuals to support teaching methodologies Knowledge about using transition methods that help the Autism students to move from one subject to another Career Various career opportunities are available in the field of Autism  treatment. A person might chose to be a special education teacher,  speech therapist, occupational therapist, physical therapist, and  adapted physical trainer. It is one of the best fields for you if you  love kids and care for them. To start a career in this field, you must  also be patient and affectionate enough to understand the condition of a  person suffering from Autism.  The above details about the autism teacher responsibilities, key  skills, and career will help you to understand various aspects of an  Autism teacher.

A highly qualified, inspirational and hard-working Art’s Teacher, who  has a strong classroom presence along with the ability to make a real  difference to the lives of her pupils.  We need an individual that is energetic, committed and flexible.  And, can also be an excellent role model to help students meet their own aspirations. Someone who enjoys working with young  people, has a positive attitude to the use of authority and possesses excellent subject knowledge of Art and Design and its application  outside of the classroom. One of her greatest strengths is the knack of  never missing an opportunity to raise the aspirations, confidence and  self-esteem of her pupils. 

Duties-  Planning and delivering a variety of entertaining and engaging art, music and play classes.  Leading a team of teaching for the other volunteers Building relationships with pupils from a wide range of social backgrounds.  Promoting equal opportunities in the classroom.  Ensuring that pupils are taught in a happy, safe and stimulating environment.  Attending to parents and guardians feedback on a pupil’s progress.  Implementing all of the policies and procedures of the basic guidelines of our volunteer handbook.  And adhering to the humanitarian guidelines of our collaborating community partners, for a successful camp.  Teaching according to a pupil’s educational needs and ability.  Providing students with guidance on educational and social matters relating to their studies and future careers.  Writing up a short progress on each participants.Keep all teaching materials up-to-date.

BILINGUAL Dance Teacher- (part-time) for ages 12-14 years

Being a Bilingual Dance Teacher (for a group of children on the Spectrum of Autism), involves all the duties and responsibilities of a regular dance classroom teacher, with the added challenge of teaching in two different languages. Some bilingual classrooms aim to teach native-English-speaking students a second language, while others cater to ESL students in an attempt to help them learn English.  This position requires someone who can be committed tow work with our organization June and July.

Food for Thought

Multicultural Classroom Environment & Diversity for Bilingual teachers often work to teach students not just about another language,  but about another culture as well.  This may involve integrating elements from the students’ native culture as well as one or several foreign cultures. For example, a bilingual teacher trying to teach  native-English-speaking students about Spanish language and culture could teach her students about Latin American history, food, traditions, sports and culture. This may also be a good opportunity to incorporate new vocabulary and idioms into the lessons.  Teaching  students in two different languages presents a number of challenges.  Giving a lesson in students’ non-native language can cause them to  become confused, lose interest or get frustrated.  Bilingual teachers must find ways to make their lessons engaging and to ensure that each  student is keeping up with the material. This could involve periodic  check-ins, translating certain words or sentences, or explaining certain  words or concepts more than once


Bilingual teachers are responsible for ensuring that their students keep up with their English-only-classroom peers in math, science, reading, history, dance and other subjects.  As in a regular classroom, this involves a large  amount of out-of-class planning and curriculum development. Our teachers must develop a strategy and schedule for each day’s lessons,  including which language will be used to teach the lesson.  Bilingual teachers must also plan activities, projects, games and group activities that will encourage students to learn the material and interact in their non-native language.


A Chef instructor should be skilled in monitoring, coordination and effectively speaking to others that is on the Spectrum of Autism. The Chef instructor must possess: skills of time management, active listening, judgement and decision making. He or she must has the ability to create an idea, enhance "Inner Skills" among students , volunteers, and themselves.

Our Chef instructor will teach/coach and develop other students in the kitchen environment to improve their skills. Because, a kitchen depends on a  cooperative team effort, and our Chef instructor.  Who will work a variety of hours.  Depending on what flexibility of the Chef and our schedule.  Such as, early morning, late evenings, and weekends.  Depending on what event is taking place that the students will be involved in. (i.e. Cooking Class, Gala, Fall Festival, cooking demonstration, etc.).


The CEO is currently seeking motivated individuals to assist with identifying and applying for funding opportunities through grants.  Individuals THAT WILL BE CONSIDERED, will have to possess grant writing experience, working comprehension of the grant application process, excellent writing and grammar skills, as well as the ability to meet deadlines.  Also, they must be able to pay close attention to detail and the ability to understand financial and budgetary matters. Responsibilities include: · Develop and implement a grant writing proposal process for us · Identify grant programs for which we could qualify (includes researching where to find appropriate funding) The Grant Writer will report directly to the Administrator and the Treasurer.  One committee member will be selected by the Board of Directors to act as the Grant Writing Committee Chair and Project Manager. This is a volunteer position, and hours are flexible. Regular committee meeting attendance is required (via Skype, Web Chat, and/or text based communication) We encourage ALL interested individuals to first visit our ABOUT US page, and on our website to familiarize yourself with our mission. Because, we are a 100% charitable ran and operated 501 (c)3 nonprofit organization.  Thank you so much and we look forward to hearing from you.  If interested, please fill out the paperwork, and a staff member will follow back up with you. 


Currently, we have no Social Media and we need a Social Media Manager.  Preferably, a student intern that loves Social Media. 

Some of the requirements are:

Create a Facebook group, or suggesting and helping create some other means of communicating with a group. · Collect links relating to Autism issues – that have a disability focus – to post and share with the social media world. · Schedule links on the Facebook page and moderating the Facebook page, including answering messages or assisting with getting them to the Administrator to be answered in a timely manner. · Write short articles (300-500 word pieces) at least once a month on disability issues that should be or are also Autism related issues. 

Previous topics have included: 
The lack of representation in Autism Research Studies


Healthy Eating 

Sustainability-Green Living

ARTs Media representation

The Wage GapCrimes/violence against disabled children
*Other Application Requirements can be discussed upon interview.


Opportunity Title: Media Ambassador Volunteer

Category: Arts & Entertainment

Commitment: 1 year

Start Date: December 2019

End Date: December 2020 (with the option to renew)


Email: informtation@auttieworld.org

Website:  https://www.auttieworld.org


Details & Description: 


Media Ambassadors support the overall functions of the organization by your efforts of increasing brand value by promoting the brand to target audiences. This role involved interacting with the public, companies and other socialites, must be willing to attend public events, private invites, appear at television or radio broadcast interviews, to promote and brand the organization.  The Media Ambassadors must display strong communication/presentation skills, the ability to connect with others, excellent interpersonal and communication abilities, leadership skills and able to keep in touch with our volunteer administrative staff regarding appropriate business matters.

Appropriate for volunteers aged between 20 and older working at a news station

Appropriate for a public figure working in Journalism

Family-oriented volunteer

Special Needs Children familiarity (i.e. Autism, PDD, ADHD, Fragile X, etc.)

Can be available to be our MC of events (i.e Give A Child A Smile Sensory Christmas Party, Concert or Talent Showcase)

News and Journalism Opportunity

Opportunity Title: News and Journalism Volunteer

Category: News

Commitment: 1 year

Start Date: December 2019

End Date: December 2020 (with the option to renew)


Email: informtation@auttieworld.org

Website:  https://www.auttieworld.org


Details & Description: 

Auttie World, Inc. is looking for supporters of the Arts & Wellness (alternative health and wellness) methods for the families that live in the “Auttie World” to join our movement and bring equity for medical services to families that have loved ones on the Spectrum of Autism. And in doing so, we are looking for an individual of whom can join our volunteer team as a journalist or News-Media Ambassador.

As a News-Media Ambassador, you will virtually travel around the country and speak to families, companies, and even children about how fun and rewarding working with Auttie World, Inc. can be. Not to mention, the importance of how therapeutic and educational the entertainment (Arts & Wellness) program and movement can be for a child on the Spectrum of Autism.

We require people who are:


Pass a background check (you will have to provide this documentation)

Family Oriented or minded


Loves pets (i.e. Canine Therapy) for Autism

Socially Conscious about Mental Health & Alternative Health

Have reliable transportation 

Public Speaking (i.e. speaking engagements or public appearances on behalf of the organization)

You will be:

Discussing the benefits of our global network/organization

Emailing information about global community supporters in the Arts/Entertainment industry

Encouraging community supporters in the mental health & wellness community to work with towards events that bring unity (i.e. concerts, festivals, talent shows, etc.)

As you virtually travel, assist with obtaining a network of health service providers that can offer discounted rates and funding opportunities for services such as:

Naturopathic Physicians

Physio Therapy

Chiropractic Treatment




any other service that is not funded by the government

We primarily work with people who are diagnosed as:







Autism (general)


This is an independent "HIGH PROFILE" part-time VOLUNTEER position that is for people who would like to volunteer 2 hours a week. There is plenty of opportunity for people who are exceptional additions to our team! 

This position is a part-time (15 hours a week).  

The description of the responsibilities (general) are:
1.  Attend bi-weekly conference call.

2.  Assist with networking (generating new ways to brand organization).

3.  Assist with locating funding for projects.

4.  Some travel with administration to assist with projects and events (i.e. festivals, galas, workshops)

5.  Monthly Time Sheets (verifiable record of your work).

6.  Prospect for new business (i.e. donors, sponsors, endorsers)

7.  Customer service (calling businesses to form new relationships), regarding Autism Awareness (schools, restaurants, etc.)

FUNDRAISING TEAM-COMMITTEE MEMBER (i.e. parent, teacher, etc.).

Could you use your flair and self-motivation and join the Auttie World Fundraising team to promote Autism Awareness in your community? This could involve running a booth at an event, speaking on behalf of any potential supporters, attending check presentations or putting up posters, flyers, and announcements about an event. You would have the opportunity to organize events and engage your community in supporting us. Based on your personal interests and skills, your responsibilities could include any of the following:


·Support local fundraising and awareness events

·Manning a booth at an event

·Helping at a sports/concert/gala event

·Putting up posters or handing out flyers

·Delivering a presentation to a school in your local area

·Attending check presentations

·Be a local contact for existing and new volunteers

·Approaching individuals, schools, universities, local authorities, shops and commercial organizations for sponsorship and donations

What’s in it for me?

·Develop fundraising skills

·Develop Event Management skills

·Meet new people

·Be active and engaged

·Add value to your local community, as a role model and a Humanitarian

·Learn new transferable skills & improve your CV Skills required

Skills Required:

·Great people skills, approachable and friendly

·No criminal background

·Organized, methodical, reliable

·Negotiating and influencing

·Ability to post and share on social media (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Snapchat, etc.)


Training and Support:

You’ll meet with our Administrator and Committee Director to start receive training relevant to the activities you would most like to participate in. You will have access to the e-Learning Center with several courses, which includes a volunteering course. 

Safe Guarding:

You’ll also be kept updated with other volunteering opportunities through the monthly volunteer bulletin (currently being worked).

Gala - Help with campaigning, social media, attending the Day of the gal (Table & Greeter Volunteer), etc. 

Play - Assist with casting calls, improvisation and role-playing games, move on to scripted sessions and culminate in the performance of a play, etc.

Art Showcase & Fundraiser – Last Saturday in July – Help with set-up, tear down, assist with various activities.

AuttiebME Concert

Help with campaigning, social media, attending the festival in August (concession station, greeters, ushers, production crew, and general volunteers).  All collegiate students are encouraged to apply thru Handshake. 

GIVE for Good Louisville

Starts in July-September of each year, but the rally day is Mid September.  Help with campaigning, social media, attending the Day of Giving in September (work station Table Volunteer), etc.

Autism/Mental Health Conference

-Help  work on conference sessions as session runners

-Work on the conference registration desk helping delegates when they arrive at the conference

-Work in the video teamwork at parties and receptions and helping with Front of House during the conference

-Work on conference organization, in the days before the conference

-Work with the conference photographer

-Back-up the conference social media, blogging and e-bulletin team

-Graduate-level students with a strong interest in children’s media are welcome to join the official blogging team.

(currently being worked on)

AuttieBMe Fashion Show - TBA

If interested in any positions, please contact the office for further details 1-833-8AUTISM, email us at informtation@auttieworld.org, or fill out our Contact Us Form at:  https://auttieworld.org/contact-us A staff member will follow back up with you.