Visual Holistic Art Camp

Kentucky & Indiana Summer Camp Information

At Auttie World, children are viewed as unique and gifted individuals.  We feel each child’s development is best supported through an emergent & creative Holistic curriculum.   Our Summer Holistic Art sessions is full of craft materials and garden activities, to encourage imagination.  Each instructor helps to promote a positive self-image by encouraging the children to try new activities & challenges.

Researchers find activities like gardening, horticulture, holistic (body, mind, and spirit) can improve mental health and  contribute to a healthy weight. The increased physical activity reduces  stress, and increases happiness.  You also build better eating habits for your entire family and generations to come, when grow your own vegetables.  With benefits like this, why are we not  seeing more adults and children interested in gardening?  For starters, we have to go back and begin with the young.  Cultivating children’s interest in gardening, art, and the environment at a very young age, shows that as adults they continue to artwork, be supporters of sustainability and the "Garden" or "Green Earth" thinker.  Children’s gardens should be a place of fun and inhibition so they can be free to explore and learn as they grow-up. 

We work with various community centers in KY, IN, TN to provide FREE Holistic and Alternative Art Sessions.

For example:

During the summer (JUNE), we have a Visual Holistic Art Summer Camp that provides more fun activities for students (6-14 yrs.).  Students can come in from 1pm-3pm (California Community Ctr.) for activities that are centered around  Visual Holistic Art and FUN!   More centers have been added for 2020.  We will post the art schedule up 2/28/20.

Here is an example of some programs with Metro Parks & Recreation (LINK)


During the summer (First week of JUNE), we have a Visual Holistic Art Summer Camp that provides students (8-12 yrs.) an opportunity to come into the Boys & Girls Club of America to do activities that are centered around Visual Holistic Art, Music, and FUN!  

Here is our ad with Macaroni Kid South/West (LINK)

During the summer (JULY), we have a FREE mobile Visual Arts Program in Southern Indiana for Various community centers, from 1-3pm (EST).   Our programs are centered around Visual Holistic Art and Traditional Art for ages 6-14yrs.  For locations, please contact Miss Toyna Roberts at 502-753-7525 or

See our ad HERE


We DO NOT provide an ABA Therapist or have any licensed volunteer staff that provides behavioral interventions.  We DO provide an Art Therapist, Holistic/Alternative Health Counselor/Coach, Art/Psychology Student Intern, and FUN

Auttie World's Holistic Summer Art Camp is  an annual endeavor that consist of summer camps tailored for families who have a child  with ADD, ADHD, PDD, Aspergers, or Fragile X Syndrome that will benefit from Holistic arts and crafts, silly songs, crazy games, and unforgettable  memories! 


Community Centers-Management, please fill out the online FORM FOR RESERVED PLACEMENT (12 Students Maximum), per session.  

For families, the application can be downloaded, filled out, and turned back into us by our Corporate Office:

Auttie World, Inc.

101 N. 7th Street

Louisville, KY 40202

Any questions or concerns, please give us a call at 1-833-828-8476



A huge shout out and thank you to the Daniels and Taylor families for contributing to our garden project! We already have seeds  sprouting in our new germination boxes! We are still on the hunt for  extra garden tools and a few other small things and we will be ready to  go!

Fresh fruit/veggies is going to come back in season again! We serve fresh fruit and veggies during our camps (art)!  Does your family meals consist of fresh organic fruit, veggies?  Does your child get enough physical exercise (i.e. walking, bending, or stretching)?  Here is a wonderful family LINK filled with great ideas for both questions! 

Family Health Quiz Survey:

To help us better our programs, we are offering a FREE anonymous Healthy Diet & Exercise analysis through Survey Monkey's Diet & Exercise challenge LINK

*Our Summer Holistic Programs are funded in part by VSA/AOKY (the State Organization on Arts and Disability)  and, by our community supporters and sponsors.

Nashville,Tennessee Summer Camp Information

During the summer (JUNE), we partner up with various community centers to teach and provide opportunities for children to learn about the environment and social justice.  Our daily rhythm and flow will include time for self expression, creative play, story art, and more!

We feature a multicultural summer camp for K through 5th grade (depends on the maturity of the child), that is made up of a Primary Wellness Coordinator  (Holistic/Alternative Counselor & Coach) and Volunteer Staff  certified in teaching general education for special needs children. We  also have a professional Artist that works with us for the summer camps  (KY & TN)!

Here is our ad with Kids Out and About (LINK)


Families who have relocated to Nashville for months or years (looking for a safe and nurturing place for their loved ones), find comfort in our Holistic approach. The community loves how we match volunteer teams of two "experts at play" who provide weekly adventures and fun diversion for our campers and siblings. 

Families are referred to us by social workers, Community Centers, Childcare facilities, Ronald McDonald House, and other families who have received our  support. We welcome self-referrals too!

PLEASE FILL OUT THE ONLINE FORM FOR RESERVED PLACEMENT (12 Students Maximum), per session.  The application can be utilized for the Art Showcase (end of July), as well for proper camper count.

Fall Camp


Details of our services in KY, IN, and TN


We  collaborate within the community to create a diversified variety of ARTS centered programs  that are offered in and around the Kentucky area. For 7+ years, we  have been instrumental in designing "Outside of the Box" Holistic and Alternative programs that serve young children through teenage years (i.e. Air Dry Clay ♥ Make your own clay using bread, glue, and dish liquid).


August thru December is a magical time of the year for us.  With the robust of colors, cool weather, and upcoming holidays, we interact within the community centers to provide an illuminating variety of FREE ARTS based workshops and programs for children and teens.  For more information, please contact our office at 833-8-AUTISM.


Our individual "Holistic and Alternative" standards-based art lessons, are creative and very educational (i.e. modeling materials like clay or homemade dough, finger paint (bought or homemade), and smooth papers, rough handmade papers etc.  They are designed to work in small or large group settings, with a range of ages (from 5 to 14 years), provide each pupil with a feeling of enormous sense of accomplishment and increased self-esteem.  



Auttie World, Inc.'s Holistic Visual Arts Program Brochure 2020 (pdf)





Get Ready, Get Set, Let's Party!

WHAS 11 Interview Link

Auttie World's Summer Holistic Art Campers will have an afternoon filled with Art, Games, food, drinks, and a mini ceremony to acknowledge their participation.

This showcase is FREE open to the public.  It is a chance for the community to come by and learn more about the work that the children have done all summer long, and is one that bridges the gaps of the Auttieworld and the Neurotypical World.  We encourage the community to come prepared to purchase the artwork and meet with the professional Artist "Big Buddies" from our community, that work to inspire our campers along their ARTISTIC Journey!

This year (2019), we will be at The Crescent Hill Library located at 2762 Frankfort Avenue, Louisville, KY 40206 from 1-3pm (EST).  2020 information will be published May, 2020.  

All facilities that we work with will need to pre-register their campers (i.e. name, age, etc.).



  • How much is the artwork?  Varies.  Depends on the artist. 
  • Is there a quest machine?  No.
  • Does the artist or guardian accept checks?  No.
  • Do you have free parking?  Yes.
  • Is there a play area for quiet time?  Yes.
  • What types of refreshments will be served?  Bottled Waters, Canned Sodas, Bottled Juice, Veggie/Fruit/Cheese and Cracker Tray, Cake, and Brownies catering provided by Costco.

Community Center's Student Pre-Registration Form

This form is to secure a spot for your camper during the Art Showcase.

This Pre Registration Form is used to register your child(ren) and obtain an understanding of your needs.  A Volunteer will reach out to you regarding the application you submitted/or not submitted for the Art Showcase.


101 North 7th Street, Louisville, Kentucky 40202, United States

502-753-7525 (1-833-8AUTISM)


Open today

09:00 am – 04:00 pm

WHOlistic Book Club

Additional Information

Our "WHOlistic BooK Club" welcomes friends and parents to stop by and participate.  The group meets for an hour to build communication, art, and nature skills.  This program will be interactive learning social skills.

The WHOlistic Book Club is all about children that love to read (including some who cannot read), love ART & Nature for the same reasons most people do...ADVENTURE!  Being transported to different worlds, cultures, etc., where they meet interesting characters and learn about exciting new things.  Taking that journey with a group of "Like Minded" friends makes it even more delightful and fun! 


Each WHOlistic Adventurer is a unique and special person. But, there are some "I AM" special characteristics of an WHOlistic Book Club Adventurer that most don't know about!

Physical Characteristics

  • I have boundless energy
  • I am developing coordination

Mental Characteristics

  • I learn by doing
  • I am curious about everything
  • I understand what I can see and touch
  • I like variety

Socio-Emotional Characteristics

  • I am learning social skills
  • I am becoming more independent
  • I need success and approval from you
  • I am easily overexcited
  • I am very social

How the WHOlistic Adventurer will  Respond...

Please don't ask me to sit still for very long. 

I want to DO things.  Explore!  Be a WHOlistic Adventurer!
Let me improve coordination through games and creative activities.
Don't just tell me things. ...

Let me try them and get involved with them.
I do want to know about my world. 

Explain it to me in a Visual and interesting way.
Show me what you want me to know. 

Don't expect me to understand long explanations.
Show me fun ways to use my good memory for a good purpose.
I like stories and inventing things.
Use many kinds of stories, songs, games, and activities.
Give me lots of chances to relate to others in my peer group.
Let me discover and do things by myself whenever possible.
Help me find things I can do well, and let me know that you approve of me.
I need structure and guidance to control my impulses and activities.
I love to play and talk with my friends. 

To sign up, please visit our Signup Genius Page LINK for 2021.